Message of Chairman & CEO

Recently the world has been experiencing financial and economic crisis. Focus should be set at improving the balance between environmental, economic and social interests. One of the most significant factors affecting the achievement of this aim is how we deal with Environment and Energy. The population growth is increasing and energy demand is expected to increase 60% by 2030.

The traditional sources of energy are depleting and our environment is becoming highly polluted and far away from being healthy. To deal with this situation, we have to reduce energy consumption, use energy more efficiently, expand the share of power generated from renewable sources, we have to look after our environment to minimize pollution, try to recycle waste and consider waste to energy solutions. Alfa-EEE intends to work and cooperate with clients and partners to improving the balance between environmental, economic and social interests and you are invited to do so.

Dr. Ghazi Khdairi
PhD,MPhil,B.Sc ME,B.Sc MS,B.Sc. WS, A.E. Dip.
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