About Us

Alfa for Energy, Environment & Engineering (Alfa-EEE) is the latest member of Alfa Group, a major and a responsible player focused on bringing technologies, solutions and services of energy mainly renewal, water and environment projects that are clean, green and sustainable.

Alfa-EEE has the expertise in establishing and operating innovation centers, applied research centers and combined innovations and applied research centers. Alfa-EEE provides training courses in renewable energy, project management, business development, and strategic planning.

To achieve our goals and objectives, we partner and cooperate with world's leading companies and consulting firms who are experienced in renewable energy and environment. Alfa-EEE offers, products, services, consultation and training in all fields related to Energy, Environment, Project Management, Business Development, Strategic Planning and Engineering.

Through our team of dynamic engineers and other professionals, we have the capacity and expertise to meet Jordan’s growing challenges in Renewable Energy and Environment with view of expanding our services to cover the MENA Region. We are committed to contributing significantly to the global endeavors of curbing global warming and green house gas (GHG) emissions.

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